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Woo Hoo Spring has finally Sprung!

Wow, I really cannot believe that April is knocking on the door already! I know its cliche but this year is whizzing by so quickly already!

April is a fab month for gardening. The colours are really starting to come to life in our garden with the stunning pops of red from the tulips that my late Mum planted, which always make me smile to the bright lights of the forsythia with their dazzling yellow flowers - Spring has well and truly arrived in the Green household!

Jobs this month

- It's still not too late to plant your Summer bulbs. We have tried a few newbies this year and have planted Ranunculus - Purple Heart, Freesia's (double mix), Hymenocallis Festalis (Peruvian Daffodil) and Mirabilis Jalapa - these open up after 4pm giving off a gorgeous scent and will hopefully add a little interest late in the day - can't wait to see them pop up around July time!

- It's still a good time to divide any clump forming perennials that need it such as Hostas. It improves vigour and is a great way to create new plants for the garden.

- Tie in any climbers to provide early support, especially Clematis which should be shooting nicely now.

- If you haven't already, it's time for the lawn mower to come out of hibernation - yay! I do love a bit of grass maintenance! Keep the cut high for the first few times, especially if the weather forecast is looking cooler.

- Last of all, if you do nothing - just enjoy your garden! Time is so precious these days, so grab a cuppa, get outside and just enjoy the fresh air!

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