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Getting your kids involved in gardening from a young age

I don't know about you but when we were in full "lock down", we struggled to find things to keep the kids occupied in between trying to work. The one main thing that brought us all together (and the weather really did help with this one!), was the garden. We had always talked about creating a veggie patch but had never got round to it but the fact we were now all at home 24 / 7 and had a little more time, we went for it.

We haven't really got masses of space for a dedicated "patch" in our garden but did have two areas at the side of the house which we decided to utilise. Using simple pots that were gathering dirt at the back of the garden and using some seeds which our daughters very thoughtful teacher had sent to her in the post as a school project, as a family, we sowed and sowed some more!

Now our daughter (then 6) had some idea on the process and carefully took the seeds in her hands, gently placed the seeds in her chosen container and covered in soil - all done with oodles of care and attention. Our son (then 2), grabbed the seeds, chucked them in the pots and sang a lovely tune about carrots! But they were engaged and happy and the sun was warm on our backs and for a split second, we forgot all our worries and the madness of the "outside world" and we were having fun - together.

For the next few weeks, we all took it in turns to water and check our growing produce and it didn't seem very long when we had our first harvest of potatoes. The kids loved counting out the potatoes as they found them and laughed over the different shapes and sizes! We had potato salad for tea that night and it was delicious!

So, we continue to grow and sow and grow some more and just the sheer joy on the children's faces makes it all worth it. They have always loved being outdoors and enjoyed nature but now they understand about "growing their own" and they love it.

Good Starting Seeds

We found carrots, beetroot, peas were great starter seeds and really easy to grow. The kids helped make a support for the peas too which was fun. Potatoes were also great and the kids had fun heaping the soil over the potatoes (or earthing up to give it's proper name).

So, get them involved from a young age, if not for their knowledge, do it for the fresh air, - being outside is great for your / their mental health, something which is always important but which has been even more so over the last few weeks and months.

We would love to see your own home grown veggie patches, why not send us a picture or tell us about your own "lock down" garden projects.

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