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Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care

With us all leading such busy lives, the basics such as cleaning the house and keeping the garden tidy can be a real bug bear when our free time is so precious.

We offer lawn cutting services tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just an "as and when" cut, we can help.

Get get in touch for a free no - obligation quotation.



Weeding is one of those jobs that needs to be done, but its one of the last things on the "to do" list, especially when time is at a premium.

Why not let us help? We can provide a regular service or a "one off", whatever suits your needs.

With regular weed maintenance, your garden can bloom once again!

Gardening Shears

Pruning / Plant Care

We often get asked why a plant that looked wonderful one year, looks a bit worse for wear the next.  The right pruning at the right time can really transform a plant. 

Pruning is needed for 3 main reasons:

1. To remove dead / dying branches and prevent disease.

2. Promote / encourage good shape.

3. To encourage more buds / flowers and sustain health.

We can help you maintain your plants / shrubs if you are struggling to keep on top of them.

We also offer a potting service for anyone struggling to find the time to sow seeds, plant annuals / bulbs or just to revitalise your patio with some colourful pots!

Get in touch for a FREE quotation.

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Garden Tidy Up / Clearance

Fed up of looking at that pile of leaves blowing around or having a constant battle with your borders?

We offer a general garden tidy up or full clearances - whatever your requirements, we can help.

We also offer end / beginning of tenancy clearances and tidy ups.

If this is something you're interested in, just get in touch for a chat and a free no - obligation quotation.

Watering the Garden


Going on holiday but want to make sure your plants are still being looked after while you are away? We offer a watering service, tailored to your requirements.

Whether you require just the one water while you are away or a little every day, we can help.

All we need access to is an outside water supply.  We can even bring our own hoses if needed.

It's also a great way for someone to be checking that all is in order at home, while you relax and take some time out!

If you have any outside pets such as chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits etc, we can also offer a water and feed service for them too while we are there!

Just get in touch for a chat about your requirements and we can do the rest. 



We all know that feeling, you get new fencing which looks fabulous to start with, then over time starts to look a little sorry for itself.

You may feel daunted by the amount of fence panels in your garden that require a spruce up.

Well, we can help.  We offer fence painting, whether you need 1 panel or 10 painting we can tailor our services to your individual requirements.

We also offer garden furniture and shed painting too.

We can source the paint for you or you can provide it and we simply just turn up to paint - just get in touch for a chat and we can come up with a plan! 

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Memorial Care

Having lost both my parents at a young age, I regularly visit their grave and make sure it is kept tidy, has regular flower changes and is mowed.  I promised my Dad who passed away in 2001 that along with Mum, we would take care of his grave which we did for over 16 years.  When we lost Mum in 2017, I've continued to make sure that their grave is always tidy as I had promised.

I do however understand that it can be difficult to get the time to tend to a loved ones grave and at times have felt guilty of not attending as regularly as I have wanted.  With family and work commitments,  distance and emotional factors all playing their part it can be difficult.

With this in mind, I've decided to offer a Memorial Care service for anyone who is struggling, for whatever reason to tend to their loved ones resting place.  

We can offer a regular visit, visits on special occasions or annual visits. Whatever your requirements are please get in touch for a chat, we would love to be able to help if we can. 

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